Why Do Female Cats Urinate in the House?

I am the not-so-lucky owner of dear Miss Maggie, a 10-year-old orange tabby who not only sprays but pees indoors as well. The spraying started years ago after a stray tomcat decided to terrorize me and my cats for several weeks. It is a nuisance, but she has done it rarely since moving to my current home. As gross as it is, spraying is nothing compared to her recent activity of eliminating her urine outside of the litter box.

Since she is outside most of the time, she rarely, if ever, uses the litter boxes indoors. So when she does do this in the house, she is definitely trying to make a point. Most of her efforts seem aimed at the dogs that I board here, as she has destroyed 2 dog beds (and the hardwood flooring beneath them), several dog toys and the baskets they were in. I even watched her go into the closet in my office, jump on a box and start peeing right in front of me…”Hello! I’m right here”. However, I wanted answers to make sure that it’s not a medical or a litter box issue vs. her being the little brat that she is.

I’ve done some searching for answers to both issues and wanted to share them with you. These articles from the ASCPA go into great detail about cats that mark (spray) indoors and cats who urinate outside the litter box. Hopefully, these might be able to help you with your specific issues.

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