The Yellow Dog Project

I just got wind of this movement and wanted to learn a little bit more about it.  In a nutshell, it is a global initiative to give those dog owners, who do not want other people and/or dogs to approach their dogs, a way of alerting people to that wish.  It’s the simple act of tying a yellow ribbon around their leash…I’m assuming we retractable leash users would tie it around the handle(?).  YellowDogProjectHere’s a snippet from their website.

“The Yellow Dog Project is a global movement for parents of dogs that need space (aka DINOS, Dogs In Need Of Space).  Through social media, physical awareness, as well as educational courses for kids and parents, TYDP hopes that we can remind people to ask before petting, that owners of other dogs recognize the signs of a dog that’s not interested, and many more!”  That is what TYDP is, and this is what TYDP is not.

It sounds like it might be a great way of avoiding potentially dangerous situations with both the dog and their owners.  For more information:

Website:  The Yellow Dog Project

Facebook:  The Yellow Dog Project

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