Snowball Peterson – In Memoriam

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After 17 years of being my “gentle giant”, my beloved Snowball was laid to rest after a four year battle with kidney failure.  He was the perfect cat truly…never destroyed anything as a kitten, never picked on his siblings, was a nurturing big brother to Krusty and Maggie, and was my super love kitty.

In his youth, he was quite the hunter…bringing me such “wonderful” gifts as rats, squirrels, birds, mice and lizards.  When he retired around the age of 10, he was happy to hang out in our yard, catch some rays, and sleep throughout the day.  Our morning ritual of him drinking the leftover milk from my cereal still brings me to tears each day since his passing, as does his empty bed.

He was still so wonderful even after his prognosis and my having to give him subcutaneous fluids and large pills on a daily basis.  Never once hissed, scratched or bit me.  He lasted twice as long as most cats do with this disease.

In the end, I could no longer pretend that he wasn’t in pain and had to make the worst decision a pet owner ever has to.  I hadn’t had to put a pet to sleep for almost six years and hope it’s another six before I have to again.  As gut wrenching as it is for we humans to put our beloved pets to sleep, you always know…especially a few days after the shock of doing so…that it was the right thing to do for both pet and owner.

I miss you so much and hope Krusty and Kobe were waiting for you.

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