Pet Sitting Services

Pet Sitting services Going out of town for work or vacation?  Whether it’s a day or two weeks, Walk and Wag’s pet sitting services can take care of your dogs, cats and any other pets you own, continuing their daily routine per your instructions.  In addition, our pet sitters will take care of the essentials in your home, thereby allowing you an overall sense of security while you are away.  Dogs generally need 2-3 visits per day, and cats/birds/fish usually 1 visit per day.  We also can stay overnight to care for your dogs.  That service includes a walk upon arrival, potty break before bed, and a walk first thing in the morning.

What’s Covered in a Pet Sitting Visit:

  • Walking your dog or letting him out in the yard
  • Cleaning any mess made by the pets if at all possible
  • Feeding the pets
  • Administering medications
  • Changing out the water bowls
  • Cleaning the litter box
  • Cleaning the bird cage
  • Petting and/or playing with your dogs and cats

House Sitting Services Include:

  • newspaper collection
  • mail and package collection
  • watering indoor and outdoor plants
  • rotate lights
  • take out garbage and recyclables
  • bring in cans after pick up

Call 727-584-PAWS (7297) today for more information or to sign-up.