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Our Pledge to Pet Owners

Customer Service is the only way to differentiate yourself from your competition.  Reviews and referrals are the main ways a service-based business will survive in the Internet and social media era we live in.  Coming from a career in sales and customer service, I am well aware of what happens to businesses that think they can skip that all-important component…they will be OUT OF BUSINESS quickly.  You might make a quick buck for awhile, but bad reviews or word of mouth will eventually take its toll.

I have brought my successful customer service skills from my corporate career and adapted them to the unique needs of pet owners and their pets.  We are a pro-active company and pride ourselves in:

  • Letting our new clients know when we’ve made our first visit to their home either by text or phone
  • Updating our clients on any unusual behavior their pets may be displaying while in our care
  • Notifying owners of concerns regarding their home or yard
  • Sending pictures or videos as a back-up to what we are alerting them to (be it good or bad)
  • Returning a client’s call or text within an hour (in most circumstances) during operating hours
  • If at all possible, to help in emergency situations when you can’t get home in time

Read our Reviews

Nothing I can say can compare to our customers reviews.  If you are a pet owner who is worried about which of the many pet sitting companies out there is right for you, please go to our “Reviews” section or click on the links on the right to read our Angie’s List and Google+ reviews.  Our reputation speaks for itself.

Below you will find links to all the details about our company and how we work with pet owners:

Why Hire a Pro For Pet Sitting?

Getting More Information About Walk & Wag

Walk & Wag Policies

Scheduling A Visit

Making Hassle Free Online Payments

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by email or phone.

Karen Peterson

(727) 584-PAWS (7297)