The Ultimate Pet Toy Safety Guide

The Ultimate Pet Toy Safety Guide I’m coming to you with a serious issue, and as a veterinarian, I’m fuming mad about it. Did you know that there are zero, that’s right… no specific regulations for pet toys? That’s right, the pet toy industry can make playthings for your furbabies however they like. With no… Read more »

New House, Old Dog: 9 Tips for a Safe and Stress-Free Move

    It doesn’t matter if you’re going down the street or across the country — moving is hectic. That’s doubly true for your four-legged family members, who don’t understand the intricacies of packing lists and mortgage rates. While some dogs coast through moving blissfully unaware, many dog owners find that moving puts their pet… Read more »

Bloat in Dogs

Bloat occurs when the dog’s stomach fills with air, fluid and/or food.  The enlarged stomach puts pressure on the other organs, causing difficulty breathing, eventually decreasing blood supply to the dog’s vital organs.  Also known as Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV), gastric torsion and twisted stomach, the condition causes rapid clinical signs and death in several… Read more »

The Yellow Dog Project

I just got wind of this movement and wanted to learn a little bit more about it.  In a nutshell, it is a global initiative to give those dog owners, who do not want other people and/or dogs to approach their dogs, a way of alerting people to that wish.  It’s the simple act of… Read more »

Why Do Dogs Lick Faces or Jump on Humans?

Body language and signals play an important role in the lives of dogs, as they use their bodies to communicate their intentions and feelings in the same way that we use sounds and spoken language.  These signals appear to be mostly inherited and instinctive, although they need to learn when to use them most effectively. … Read more »