Pet Car Back Seat Cover Review

It certainly was heartbreaking when I traded in my gas guzzling SUV for a car that doubled my gas mileage.  Why heartbreaking?  Now I have to squeeze in numerous dogs into my nice leather seats of my rarely clean 4-door sedan.  Its easy to give up the back of an SUV to the dogs but much harder to live with the entire vehicle being covered in hair, sand and slobber.  

Since I transport many dogs in my car to and from the vet’s office, the airport or the dog park (my record is 7), the back seat of my car took quite a beating instantly.  I knew if I wanted the interior to last I had to find good car covers. I thought this would be so easy when I first went online.  There were many to choose from, but choices got whittled down quickly due to color constraints (charcoal) and the type of vehicle I own (2012 Hyundai Sonata). The bottom of its back seat blends right into the top of the carpeted floor so an elastic strap would not be able to get completely under the seat for a tight grip. 

I found one that was cushioned, had cute paw prints all over, fit the measurements of my back seat, and had so many straps and elastic bands on it, I thought I had found the perfect cover for my back seat.  So I spent the $40.00 (plus S&H) and couldn’t wait to get rolling (ha ha).  

Much to my chagrin, the main elastic straps that hold down the cover on the bottom corners of the seat did not stay in place.  Plus, all the hook straps really had no where to go except to get tied to the bottom of the front seats.  This did nothing but rip them out when a dog jumped in via the floor of the car.  Those dogs that jumped on the seat itself just moved the corner all the way off the leather, and I had mud and nails where they weren’t supposed to be any longer.

Feeling burned by this purchase and unable to return it because of the ripped straps, I searched for something cheaper.  That way, it wouldn’t sting as much if the next one didn’t work out either.  I was worried I would never find any cover that would work.  That’s when I stumbled upon my miracle cover.

The Paws Life Pet Car Seat Cover is made exclusively for Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It retails for only $19.99 and, as any BB&B customer knows, their 20% off coupon brings the price down to only $15.99.  Plus, they had it in charcoal and it was available at my local store, so no S&H charges.  It’s a no-frills cover (not padded or cutesy) but does this thing work!  No matter how many dogs jump into the back seat, the cover barely moves (especially the all-important corners).  It has several things to keep it in place that the more expensive version did not including a stabilizer that gets shoved deep into the seat and a velcro piece that wraps around the bottom of the seat belt on each side.  It says that it fits all cars and SUVs.  My car seat is a little bit bigger than most, so I imagine your odds are good.  


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