Overnight (In-Home) Pet Sitting

Overnight pet sitting

Whether traveling for work or finally taking that long, overdue vacation, pet parents don’t want their pets traumatized by being alone for long periods of time.  When you are unable to take them with you, your choices are to leave them home or board them elsewhere. Walk and Wag can help ease your worries.

When Staying Home is the Answer

If any of the following applies to your pets, dogs especially, then you may want to consider leaving them home and having one of our pet sitters stay with them:

  • Haven’t been socialized with other dogs and may be aggressive
  • Have lost their sight but can maneuver around your home
  • Have difficulty walking
  • Are incontinent
  • Are elderly and would be happier staying home

Overnight Pet Sitting Services from Walk and Wag

You can count on our pet sitters to make your time away from home the least lonely and stressful for your pets.  They will stay at your home for a 12-hour period (normally 7:00pm-7:00am).  They will perform all the duties of our standard Pet Sitting Services as well as the following:

  • A walk upon arrival
  • Dinner feeding (if scheduled)
  • After dinner playtime or petting
  • Before bedtime potty break
  • Fighting over who gets the pillows
  • Morning walk
  • Breakfast feeding (if scheduled)

With the addition of a midday dog walk, your pet’s needs can be met for the duration of your trip.  You also have the added benefit of having your home occupied at night while you are gone. Call 727-584-PAWS (7297) today for more information or to sign-up.