Important Questions to Ask Your Pet Sitter

A pet is a companion, a part of the family, and he or she often feels like your child. It’s the same in a sense; you take care of your furry friend in a similar way, by providing love, food, and shelter from the elements. You provide a safe and happy life for the pet and in return, you receive unconditional, unequivocal love from your pal.

This means that leaving your pet behind makes the list of hardest things you’ll ever have to do. It’s right up there with dropping a child off on his or her first day of school; it’s downright difficult and guilt inducing. It’s often something you have no choice but to do. Think about it, you need a job to provide your pet with food and warmth, don’t you?

The most discerning pet-owners will make sure their friend has love and companionship while they’re away, and they’ll need a trustworthy pet sitter in order to relax while gone. Below, you’ll find the best questions to ask your pet sitter during an interview. You’ll learn a lot about the person who will stay with your pet, and you can let your mind ease while you’re away.

The Best Questions to Ask Your Pet Sitter

  • Do you have a plan for emergencies, what happens if you can’t make it due to an unforeseen catastrophe or injury?
  • What is your rapport with animals? Do you naturally connect with them/Do you have any of your own?
  • Will you charge extra for things like bathing, walking, or brushing?
  • Will you watch my pet simultaneously with other clients’ pets?
  • Alternatively, will you tend to my pet as an individual?
  • What happens if my pet gets sick or injured while in your care?
  • Can I call and check-up on my pet?
  • Do you plan to give any treats or food to my pet?

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