Finding the Purr-fect Litter for your Cat

So Many Choices, So Much Confusion

Remember the days when there was just one kind of cat litter to choose from?  Then came clumping (amen), and now you’ve got biodegradable, crystals and hard pellet systems to choose from.  Since the cat sitters at Walk and Wag have a considerable amount of cat clients, we get to see first-hand how all of these different types of litter work.  While we have our favorites and least-favorites, we thought it might help cat owners to see reviews of all of the cat litters out there.

How to Find the Right Cat Litter for your Cats

This article is all-encompassing when it comes to cat litter.  Depending on what you want to pay or what you want to get rid of (smell, tracking, etc.), you will find your answer here.  My cat sitters and cat clients have found The Top Cat Litter Pics a valuable tool in their quest for the perfect litter.

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