DOGTV Review

DOGTVI recently had the opportunity to have a free week-long trial of DOGTV through DirecTV. As someone who boards dogs in my home, I’ve always left the TV on when I leave them home alone.  I wasn’t sure if it really did any good to break the silence, and my dog is the only one I’ve ever seen who actually “watches” television.  So I spent the week observing all the dogs I had over during that time, and I definitely could see a few of them watching.  What was even more significant was how calm they were when I would come home.  Normally, one of my dogs will start barking once my car pulls into the driveway, prompting all the dogs to go crazy.  Now when I drive home, they don’t even know I’m home until I walk through the garage door.  The frenzy is much more containable since I can pretty much stop it (jumping on me, etc.) before it starts.

The channel cycles in three parts:  Relaxation,  Stimulation and Exposure.  All three have their purpose, but I notice they watch the Stimulation section the most.  I’ve even found one of my cats mesmerized by the channel.  They run “The Story of DOGTV” periodically, and it’s quite enlightening.  You can view the bulk of it (via their experts) on their website,

Whether this channel is for everyone is left to be seen…mostly because it’s not free  It is an additional $4.99 a month, but to me, it’s well worth the price.  Even if I didn’t have this business in my home, I know I would do anything to help my dogs when I’m not home.  After listening to the dog behavior experts behind the channel, I know that I’ve been correct in leaving some type of audio/video on for them.  However, leaving “Animal Planet” on, as I’ve done for years, fails in comparison to this channel.  I hope they succeed enough to be able to offer it on all cable/satellite platforms.

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