Dog Walking 101 – Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

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Clipped Nails Make for a Happier Dog

I get quite a few of my dog walking and boarding clients asking if I clip dog nails.  I’m surprised to find out how few people actually do so on their own dogs.  After being charged between $12-$18 each time by a vet or groomer, I made myself learn how to cut my dogs’ nails. Saving money is a great motivator.  Whether you choose to trim them yourself or have them done elsewhere, it is imperative that they be trimmed on a regular basis.

Untrimmed Nails are Detrimental to Dogs

If you can hear their nails clicking on the floor or getting snagged on fabric, it’s time to get them trimmed.  The longer you wait, the more it becomes the point of no return. As a dog’s nail grows, so does a vein (the “quick”) within the nail.  The longer you wait to trim their nails, then you are left with two outcomes:

If you trim them to a normal length (where they don’t hit the ground), you will most likely cut into the quick.  It’s very difficult to stop the bleeding, but more importantly, your dog will have major trust issues when any human goes near their paws.

Ever see those women who grow their nails so long that they can’t hold things or button buttons? It’s the same thing that will happen to your dog.  If you don’t get them trimmed, then they will start curving to the right or left, making it very difficult for your dog to walk or run normally.

How to Trim your Dog’s Nails

You can save a lot of money by doing it yourself, but I would only recommend this you can control your dog physically and they listen to your commands.  Odds are your dog will not freeze in fear when you pull out the nail clipper as he does when the vet or groomer does it.  He’s far more comfortable being himself at home and reacting instinctively when you try something he really doesn’t want to do.

Here’s a great video explaining how to do it yourself:

The Easiest Way to Keep your Dog’s Nails Trimmed

Not only will your dog love you for it, but it won’t cost you a dime.  WALK YOUR DOG!  The more they get walked, the more their nails will get trimmed automatically on the cement.  Plus, your dog gets the exercise that they need to release energy, anxiety and boredom.

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