Dog Walking 101 – Poop Bag Holders

Most municipalities these days require dog owners to pick up their pet’s waste and not just for the obvious reason. Pet waste carries parasites and can be deadly for dogs as well as a mess on your shoes. You can read more on our “Poop Scooping” Services page.

Dog owners come in 2 categories: The “I’m too good to pick up dog poop” variety or those that comply with the law and respect their neighbors’ property. I am addressing the latter in this article.

A lot of folks use plastic grocery bags for the job, but nothing is more embarrassing than that sense of dread the second your dog starts pooping and you realize you forgot to bring a bag. Do you hope no one saw you and run…or do you loudly proclaim your forgetfulness and swear you’ll be back to clean up? Why not save yourself the hassle by getting a poop bag holder for your leash.

I started using the bag holders when they first started showing up in stores about 4-5 years ago and, since then, have tried just about every type. As much as I walk dogs in this business, it is of paramount importance that I always have a supply on me that I can get to easily when walking up to 4 dogs at the same time.

It is because of this experience that I recommend the bag holder pictured here as the “top dog” in bag holders. It’s easy to replace rolls, doesn’t come apart on its own, dispenses bags easily and fits on any type of leash. Even better is that I find them at discount stores like Dollar Tree (yes…for $1.00), Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning, etc. for about $2.99 with a roll or two included. Petsmart and the other pet stores retail these at about $6.99-$8.99. The discount stores also sell rolls in bulk as well, so stock up.

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