Daily Dog Walks

Daily dog walking

Dog owners have busy lives.  For some, their work and social calendars regularly keep them away from home and their pets for more than 12 hours at a stretch, and many of these pet owners have no one reliable who can care for their dogs.

Dog Walking Services from Walk and Wag

Walking your dogs is the cornerstone of our business, and we strive to meet each dog’s specific needs and your overall concerns for their well being.

Why Professional Dog Walking?

Our dog walkers will customize each outing according to your wishes.  We will discuss your dog’s likes, dislikes, quirks and physical limitations.  We constantly monitor your dog’s reaction to the severe summer temperatures to safeguard any chance of overheating. Do they chase squirrels or birds? Aggressive towards other dogs they encounter? Scared of loud noises? Won’t go out in the rain?  All aspects of your dog’s personality will be discussed prior to our first outing.

Dog Walking Services Available

  • Midday Walk…for those who work too far from home or have a short lunch period
  • Evening Walk…if you work late or have a special event that leaves no time to go home
  • Weekend Walk…going to Orlando for the day?  We’ve got you covered
  • Backyard Break…if your dog gets let out in the yard vs. a walk in the neighborhood
  • Owner Unable…if you are physically unable to exercise your pooch for any reason
  • Owner Out of Town…in conjunction with feeding and taking care of your home/other pets

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