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Snowball Peterson – In Memoriam

Walk & Wag - Pet of the Month

After 17 years of being my “gentle giant”, my beloved Snowball was laid to rest after a four year battle with kidney failure.  He was the perfect cat truly…never destroyed anything as a kitten, never picked on his siblings, was a nurturing big brother to Krusty and Maggie, and was my super love kitty. In… Read more »

Bella Morley

Walk & Wag - Pet of the Month

Bella is the most adorable little 5-year old Havanese. She and her brother Bentley are in the area temporarily while their mom finishes school here. She loves sitting on laps and giving kisses. She’d rather be carried on walks rather than walk, but she’s so cute you can’t say no to her. I will be… Read more »