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Finding the Purr-fect Litter for your Cat

So Many Choices, So Much Confusion Remember the days when there was just one kind of cat litter to choose from?  Then came clumping (amen), and now you’ve got biodegradable, crystals and hard pellet systems to choose from.  Since the cat sitters at Walk and Wag have a considerable amount of cat clients, we get… Read more »

The Benefits of Playtime for Dogs and Cats

What Benefits do Pets Get from Play? The answer to this is direct and simple: what benefits don’t they get? Play plays a main role in your pet’s physical, mental, social and emotional development. In fact, when young, play is practice for life. Did you know kittens stalking and pouncing on toy mice are learning… Read more »

How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People

If you are one of my boarding clients, you have undoubtedly been the victim of my dear Harley and his need to jump on all visitors.  Like most dog owners who have jumpers, I thought it was so cute when he was a puppy but now have created a monster.  Even running a pet business… Read more »

Why Do Female Cats Urinate in the House?

I am the not-so-lucky owner of dear Miss Maggie, a 10-year-old orange tabby who not only sprays but pees indoors as well. The spraying started years ago after a stray tomcat decided to terrorize me and my cats for several weeks. It is a nuisance, but she has done it rarely since moving to my… Read more »

Socializing Your Adult Dog

  But Mom, I Want to be with the Other Dogs I run into a lot of clients’ dogs who were not socialized as puppies whether it was voluntary by the owner or a stray that grew up in less than ideal conditions.  They have a severe reaction to meeting other dogs by reacting either… Read more »