Cat Sitting Services

Cat sitting services Walk and Wag’s cat sitting crew believes that cats deserve as much love and attention as their canine competition.  Just because you choose the more independent and calm four-legged friend as your companion doesn’t mean they should get any less attention from us.

Cat Sitting in a Dog-Eat-Dog World

As lifetime cat owners, we know most every personality quirk a cat can have.  We will ask the right questions to find out exactly what makes your kitty purr…that is if they actually come out from under the bed!  Do they like being scratched under their chin?  A whisker rubbing kitty?  A laser chaser? A catnip addict?  A “pet my belly then I’ll bite you” type?  We have a client kitty that watches videos of birds on a laptop.  You name it, the cat sitters at Walk and Wag will do what it takes to make their time away from you more tolerable.

Cat Sitting Services Include:

  • Cleaning the litter box(es)
  • Feeding
  • Keeping 24/7 dry food bowls filled
  • Administering medications
  • Changing out water bowls
  • Supervised backyard/lanai time if requested
  • Play and love time

One visit per day is standard unless you would like additional trips. Call 727-584-PAWS (7297) today for more information or to sign-up.